Meeting room Bonaparte

This small seminar hall can be used for groups of up to 14 people, and is suitable for meetings.

  • +/- 30m²

Large seminar hall

This glass seminar hall offers room for 75 people, in auditorium seating, and is equipped with air conditioning, shading, and the latest audio-visual equipment including wifi.

  • +/- 110 m²

Complete Fort

Section first floor

Section first floor: you will enter this section first when entering the Fort. This section includes reception and shopping areas.

  • +/- 290 m²


Because of its central location within the Fort, this pentagonal yard is a peaceful place. On a fine day it is a pleasant location to welcome people for lectures, small concerts, and more.

  • +/- 115 m²

Ground floor

First section and courtyard: encircling the courtyard is a complete section that overlooks the caponiers and the dry moat.

  • +/- 300 m²

Roof terrace

From the pentagonal terrace you can enjoy the view of both sea and dunes. Only accessible via stairs.


The five caponiers on the ground floor are small spaces that each have their own intimate atmosphere. The loopholes overlook the dry moat.

Dry moats

Via the ground floor you can enter the dry moats. Surrounded by walls several metres high, they provide a safe enclosed space in the open air.

  • +/- 278 m²

It is possible to hire the complete Fort for a major event. All the spaces mentioned can be let separately as well.


Meeting Room Bonaparte

  • from €150

Large seminar hall

  • from €150

Complete Fort (privatize)

  • from €3000

Specific spaces

  • On request