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Going like the wind - interactive exposition

Visitors are taken on a journey through the wind farms in the North Sea. They discover how electricity from offshore wind turbines comes ashore and learn about the importance of innovations such as the Princess Elisabeth Island. This will be an artificial island off the coast of Ostend, designed to transmit energy from wind farms at sea to the mainland. In addition, children will be able to that energy travels to reach land in the expo's play area.

Suited for families with children ages 6 - 12.

With the support of:

Elia - DEME - Jan De Nul

Tickets and prices

Adults: €11

Child 6 - 14 years: €9

Child < 6 years: free

  • Advance reservations are strongly recommended. Time slots are used and tickets are limited.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult and cannot visit the exhibit alone.
  • Are there more than 9 people? If so, please make a reservation at